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Tyre Tips for Used and Part Worn Tyres

Why are car tyre pressures is important?

Number one is road safety; car tyres that are under-inflated can overheat and lead to premature failure. Number Two Used Tyres that are over-inflated can lead to rapid uneven tread wear and poor vehicle handling on the road.

The third reason for maintaining correct car tyre pressure is longevity; checking and correcting your tyre pressures regularly will help you to get the maximum mileage from your car tyres. Correct car tyre pressure helps you to avoid the premature and uneven wear associated with incorrect car tyre pressure, increasing the tyre’s legal life and that’s not only good for you but has got to be good for the environment. You should check your tyres for damage regularly or bring your car to us at the tyre station slough for a Free Car Tyre Check. Suspect signs are cracks, buckling, or pieces of tread sticking out. And, of course, look out for foreign bodies such as nails.


Check your car tyre pressures regularly. You can find the recommended car tyre pressure in your vehicle handbook. It’s also worth checking your fuel filler flap or inside the front right hand door-strip for the tyre pressure setting information. Also, carrying extra weight in your vehicle generally requires a higher car tyre pressure setting, so look out for the ‘loaded’ pressure settings if you are using your vehicle to carry extra weight. Correct air pressure will ensure your tyres perform at their best for the longest possible time. Check of your tyres can help you to avoid up to 3 penalty points and £1000 in fines (per tyre). Manufacturers recommend that you check all the Car Tyre Pressures every 2-4 weeks and that check should include the ‘spare’ tyre too.

Tread Depth

Tyre Station According to government legislation, car tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread across at least 75% of the tread width and over the whole circumference of each tyre.
Part Worn Tyres Tread depth has a massive effect on braking, handling and the ability of tyres to evacuate water and prevent aquaplaning.
Part Used Tyres Slough The tread grooves disperse water from underneath your tyre.

The more tread depth you have remaining on your tyres the more water they can disperse, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. if your tyres are over or under-inflated, it affects their contact with the road. They’ll also wear out more quickly and may increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Make sure to regularly check the tread depth of your tyres and replace them when they are worn. This will guarantee maximum traction and grip, helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises. Change your tyres before your tread depth is worn to 1.6mm.

Don’t let your tyre tread get too worn

Worn tyres affect your vehicle’s handling, making it hard to gauge how it will react when you’re driving. And on a wet road they could increase your braking distance by up to 70%.
8 mm Tyre tread depth = 140 feet braking distance*
3 mm Tyre tread depth = 173 feet braking distance*
Less than 1.6 mm tread depth = 240 feet braking distance*
* From a speed of 50 miles per hour down to 0 mile per hour.

Tyres are arguably one of the most important parts of your vehicle. After all, car tyress are the only section that comes into contact with the road. By ensuring that you have good quality tyres fitted to your vehicle, you are going a long way to optimising the handling and braking abilities of your car.

Unless you have one of the modern onboard repair kits with a pump, always carry your spare wheel. Remember that there are limits to the speed at which space saver spare tyres can be used, and the distance they can cover.

If, when checking out tyres, you find a sharp stone embedded in a tread, remove it before it does any damage. However, if you spot a nail, leave it there as pulling it out will cause the tyre to deflate. A car tyre specialist like Tyre Station Slough will deal with it for you and may be able to repair the affected tyre.
Following these simple tips means your car tyres will reward you with good performance and a long service life. Conversely, ignoring your tyres can lead to unfortunate and possibly dangerous circumstances.
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